When to Walk Away From a Relationship

When is the right time to walk away from a relationship? At what point can you say, this is the right time to walk away from whom you love? What are the signs of a bad relationship, and how can you tell when you walk away from each other? or Should I walk away?

The answers to all these questions are not simple, because it’s hard to admit you don’t love someone anymore, and that’s what makes it difficult to walk away from a relationship. You will rather deny the fact that the relationship is toxic than to let go of him or her.

This makes it difficult to interpret the signs of a toxic relationship and to determine whether he/she is “the one”. It is also crucial that you don’t rush into conclusion base on a few disagreements in the relationship. In every healthy relationship, it’s natural for an argument to arise, that what makes us human.

I have been in a bad relationship, and I keep telling myself that there will be changes and I failed to read the signs that I am in the wrong one, I’m writing this to help you recognize and determine whether or not to walk away from a relationship.

I won’t be telling you to walk away from a relationship when things get hard, we live in a modern world, things are bound to get hard, but the point is, it shouldn’t get worse. The grass is only greener where you water it. But if you see these signs more often in your relationship, it may be the right time to walk away.

15 signs that tell you when to walk away from a relationship.

1. You don’t trust each other.

The key to any successful relationship is honesty. As soon as you feel that you can’t trust your partner anymore, it might be the right time to reconsider the relationship because if there is one person you should be honest with 100%, that should be the person you consider to be “the one”.

It’s a bad sign to have someone lying to you all the time most especially if that person is your partner. Lying breaks trust and trust is hard to regain.

According to a breakup coach, Trinia Leckie she said: “If you feel cut off from trust intimacy, you begin to crave so much more than what you are getting from your relationship and your current partner”.

If you communicate about your feelings to your significant other and he/she is reluctant to have an honest conversation, then you may be considering walking away from the relationship.

2. Your relationship has gone from admiring to tolerating.

The signs to knowing when to walk away from a relationship can be recognized when you find yourself tolerating the quirks and bad habit of your partner instead of admiring them.

You are meant to adore your partner most of the time. Surely, there will be times when you need to tolerate some preference of your partner. Still, when it starts to become the only thing you do in the relationship, then you might as well consider walking away from the relationship.

For example, when your partner always gives too many excuses. You should know that excuses are always a sign of lying, but you find yourself tolerating it because of your love for your partner. That’s normal, but it turns to abnormal when it became the habit of your partner. That means you need a change of scenery.

3. Your Family and Friends have concerns.

Your family and friends must get to know your partner if you’re thinking of having a long-term relationship together and believe me, when your family and friends do get to know your partner, they will notice and point any significant changes in your behaviour.

At times, this might be good, but if it is the other way round. You must take what they are saying into account when it becomes the major topic they want to discuss with you because our friends and family see you the way you don’t.

4. You always compromise your happiness to make the relationship work

“To love someone means to be able to compromise” this is a known fact. Still, when your compromise got in the way of your happiness, subconsciously, you start to move away from the cause and in this case your partner, then, you have to consider walking away from the relationship.

Your happiness is important, and your partner should be one of the people that will always bring you happiness, not the other way round. The kind of relationship that motivates us to pursue our dreams and live up to our vision does not necessarily need to take away your happiness because you could do so.

When your partner’s ambitions and drives align with yours, you will be able to live to any standard you want to with little or no compromise, but when it doesn’t, you will be able to figure out how to walk away from the relationship.

5. Your partner abuses you.

When you start to experience any abuse in your relationship, be it physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, this is a surefire sign that you need to walk away from the relationship. Don’t get caught up in the little romance that you have hoping your partner will change. Once an abuser, always an abuser.

Verbal abuse can also be part of it, just because you are dating doesn’t mean your partner shouldn’t respect you. Respect is fundamental for a relationship to be healthy. Your partner should value and respect your opinion more than anyone else would.

Whenever you experience any form of abuse in your relationship, the first thing you have to do is to leave the spot and get to a safe place. Then you seek advice from an experienced counsellor. An abusive partner does not deserve your love nor your time.

6. You felt lonely, even when you are together with your partner.

When you silently cried yourself to sleep, when there is so much emptiness inside you, and you can’t shake it, when you can’t act freely and be yourself around your partner. You felt lonely in your relationship, which makes it to become one of the worst feelings you can experience; this means you are not in a healthy relationship.

When life with your partner has begun to feel more isolated than supportive, making you realize that a future alone seems more appropriate, it may be time to walk away from the relationship. This brings me to the next point.

7. You’ve lost who you are

Some couples stay together in the relationship out of fear of being alone, fear of the unknown future or hoping that things will change. If you realize one day and it occurred to you that you’ve lost your purpose to make your significant other happy, this is telling you that staying in the relationship further might not be the right choice.

True love doesn’t make you miserable. Always remember that you deserve happiness.

Other signs you need to consider include

8. Your gut feeling: What does your gut tell you?

9. Your opinion doesn’t amount to anything.

10. Your partner is not appreciative of you.

11. You are putting more efforts into the relationship to make it work.

12. You always argue with each other

13. You didn’t talk about anything meaningful anymore, and you barely spend quality time together

14. You realize you cry more often than you smile

15. Your productivity deteriorates.

Lastly, you should know that walking away from your relationship won’t be easy because if there were a simple, painless, and safe choice which won’t hurt you or anyone, you would have picked that choice with no second thought.

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