How to Get the Motivation to Change Your Life

Who and what do you allow yourself to influence? How does it affect what you do, how you feel and your happiness? Your life can be the result of the influence of others who have no interest in doing something extraordinary or be truly happy.

I do ask most people if they would rather live their lives uniquely rather than follow others, they would say “Yes, of course”. So why do so many people live in a more similar than different way? Most seem to be fighting for the same things, but do they complain about it? Most keep track of what the crowd is doing because it looks beautiful on one level.

Because it is so easy to follow the masses, who and what do we allow to influence our thoughts and behaviours? If most people are so closely connected, it is because they are influenced by the common denominator. It is easier to manage which thinking and behaviour are most commonly accepted. There are many ways in which whole societies promote equality and actually mediocrity.

What makes you feel good.


I think we all know to a certain extent that going against the current can be difficult. What happens is that everyone tries to feel good, and the ego-mind can help find a variety of ways to make you feel good.

One of the common methods is that we complain, we complain about someone and we shoot them down for those who look different. This tends to confirm a person at the ego thinking level, and temporarily they feel a little better.

So many people notice the differences you may have from them and their perceived concept of what is “normal” that you can be bombarded constantly if you get away from the pack.

Another common welfare behaviour of people is their desire to keep things the same. The changes are less pleasant than a static situation. It is so common for people to make every effort to create a comfortable situation for their lives. So, if you act differently and shake the boat, they will easily notice it. In fact, it can complicate some people. This is often seen with friends, family, and people close to you.

And then there is the public who can let you know that you are a bit strange! In the past, most of the new and discovered things were initially viewed with contempt by the public.

In today’s schools, children are pushed towards acceptable trends in clothing and behaviour or are somehow rejected. At work, other workers can look down on you if you do too much or try to stand out.

In fact, you have chosen to allow all these factors and more to influence your thinking and behaviour. There are said to be millions of people who to some extent, suffer from low self-esteem. Your skills and self-confidence are fundamental for everything except going along with the crowd. If you follow this guidance, you will be a source of motivation to people around you by subconsciously influencing their behaviour. It’s so easy to be together with all these people because we also want to feel good. That’s why it’s easier to adapt.

Our habitual unconscious self-thought helps you do many things to feel good, usually at all costs! The ego is busy right now, usually what is ultimately best for us.

The longer we accept them, the more difficult it is to break the mould of the masses because we acquire more and more thought patterns that support everything. It is safe to say that we can do whatever we choose to do. Many simply don’t know they can do it.

It takes something stronger than your established comfort-based thinking patterns to get rid of them. If you look back on history or someone you know who has accomplished something above average, you will find that it was pushed to something.

For them, what they wanted to be was far more powerful than the possible influence of everyone around them. Usually, they had to endure a lot from the negligent, often even from their closest relatives. Remember, they are just uncomfortable and go back.

How are you influenced?

To find out how we are influenced, you need to pay daily attention to where you can understand how you react to others. And how you may have suppressed some deep inner committed desires based on what others have said or what you could say. Taking command or your thoughts is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. Once you see what’s going on, you can do something about it, but not before.

  • Negative motivations are those influences that lead us to precise and specific actions; based on some kind of fear and perhaps an aversion to a certain outcome. The negative motivator may also be a concern for the outcome; the result of our inaction or inability to take on a specific task or fulfil an obligation; generated.
  • Positive motivations on the other side of the equation are the influences of those who have a desirable image, emotion or effect in our mind or habit.

These are interactions that we know that, if completed successfully, add value to the quality of our life, even improve our current situations, have a wonderful impact on our circumstances, or even evolve in one way or another.

These positive motivators are also supported by the understanding that when completed, they bring better harmony and a peaceful impact on the environment, workplace or home, where we invest in productive efforts.

Find out what affects the difference.


The main difference between perceiving the difference between the two categories of motivators is our freedom of choice.

Where we have negative experiences that derive from certain actions such as loss, reference, criticism or even a sense of discord within us, we create an automatic mental and emotional connection between our actions and these negative connotations. Therefore, the results of these effects become negative motivators.

In this regard, there may also be certain actions or activities that we really appreciated; After repeated criticisms, which can be derided by the uninformed or even reprimanded, we lose our enthusiasm or joy and begin to classify it as negative.

However, the positive motivators are thoughts, ideas and desires that allow us to go beyond the pessimistic view of the media beyond our current reality towards a state that will focus on benefits and abundance in the future, associated with the enthusiastic completion of this action.

What we are starting to understand is that the main difference between the two categories of motivators is that it is actually our personal approach to a specific action: our perception, our energy, our enthusiasm, our thoughts, our feelings and our attitude;

This will determine the main differences between the two opposing motivators for our further development.

A basic understanding with which we must resonate with, an important success-oriented attitude that we must take is: knowing that everything we do, every action, every thought that we allow to go into our minds, has the ability to get closer to our results or to take us beyond the expected!

Maximize your potential

“Efficient action” and “Acting in a certain way”, as Wallace D Wattles states in his book “The science of getting rich”, gives us the understanding that everything has a purpose and that we must grow from it. Completing everything we do in a certain way, i.e. as a positive motivator!

This could prove to be an extremely inspiring prospect that conflicts with our existing paradigm. However, when we begin to internalize our attention to where we are and where we are headed, based on the potential we have within us to be expressed, the influences of others or the feared results have no influence on our applications or responsibilities.

What decisions do you make?

If we continue to re-evaluate each action as an action that makes us grow, we experience an emotional and mental development that maintains similar effects and results! The constant defence of the good allows us to reject what we don’t want and continue to focus on what we want!

Therefore, if we understand what our specific motivators are, our freedom of choice will, in fact, decide what class any future exchanges will fall into.

Our freedom of choice is a phenomenal gift that is given to us freely at birth, but it is also a gift that we give up too freely and too quickly!

Fear of punishment, fear of loss, fear of failure and fear of reproach led to inactivity, which in turn led to a negative result and the manifestation of all fear. In the end, workers who took their responsibilities seriously with a positive motivator got their specific rewards.

Let us act efficiently and safely so that our gifts increase through measures with positive motivation!

You can then decide which influences are good for you and which are not. So, start making decisions about what you do and who you are. A good life is making decisions – making the right decisions.

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