It doesn’t take much tact to realize that microwave heating of food is an unnatural way to cook the food you can. Do we not use the terms “zapping” or “nuken” in the microwave, let the back cool down and suspect something is wrong here?

A critical point is that microwaves don’t “cook” your food. Basically they only heat the water content of the food and make the food particles resonate at very high frequencies. This “warms up” your food, but it is very different from “cooking” your food.

It is as if your food is heated, but still “raw”. It does not correctly change the chemical structure of food (and in many cases deforms the food molecules), which significantly reduces the nutritional value of the food. What’s worse, however, is that microwaves can (and usually do) create harmful compounds that can lead to serious problems / diseases (high cholesterol, cancer, etc.). * See the search below.

Before you start cursing me again (because you love your microwave and you think life would be hell without it), as with all health tips, you should remember that you have to make it practical and can still work and enjoy the life. A little here and there won’t kill you (not immediately!) – regular income is a real problem.

Basically, microwave ovens disintegrate and change the structure of food through the “radiation” process. Do you think that if they were marketed as “radiation ovens” they would be so popular? Absolutely not, but that’s exactly what I am. In a nutshell, you are interrupting the “natural intelligence” of food (which is by far the most important part of a food).


1. If possible, avoid using microwave / eating microwave cooled foods.

Yes, I know you’re busy, you don’t have time to cook and it’s so easy to “zap” in the microwave. I know I’m Scrooge again, and it’s all so easy to say that I don’t use microwaves, but it’s a big deal.

There are probably not many other things you could do to improve your long-term health other than throwing the microwave out the window … or at least using it much more sparingly.

Personally, I think it’s better to buy reasonably decent takeaway food (without a microwave) than to eat “hoe” food constantly (seriously!)

2. DEFROST FOOD is not that bad:

If you want to use your microwave to defrost frozen food, it’s not that bad. It is still much better to let them thaw naturally, but using a microwave for this purpose and preparing food naturally is not as bad as really cooking in the microwave.


Never heat food in the microwave with plastic containers. With microwave treatment, carcinogenic toxins can be removed from plastic or paper plates or covers and mixed with food. This is especially true of fatty foods. The combination of fat, high heat and plastics releases dioxin (the dioxin chemicals cause cancer, especially breast cancer) in food and ultimately in the body’s cells.

* This stems from news about cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a statement from Dr. Edward Fujimoto, director of the wellness program at Castle Hospital. Full details below.


Use glass, terracotta or ceramic containers to heat food.

4. *** MOTHER: do not heat the baby’s milk in the microwave (especially in plastic bottles): **

Many people know about the enormous benefits of breast milk for babies (as natural as possible). However, microwave breast milk (breast milk) has been shown to affect the essential ability to fight breast milk diseases (which helps protect the baby) and leads to “hot spots” (which can burn the baby’s mouth) .

Although this is not ideal in itself, the fact that microwaves cause mainly “hot spots” shows that they don’t heat things evenly / correctly. Add in general problems with using plastic bottles as mentioned above and it’s not really the best idea. * The same applies to milk-based foods / all types of milk in plastic containers.