The problem is, when it comes to getting things done, procrastination is our enemy.But how to do stop procrastinating? Here’s a few tips for you.


None of us are robots. We all have periods of heightened productivity and lowered productivity, that’s normal.

Before you label lowered productivity as procrastination, check in with yourself and see if it’s actually just a part of your natural cycle.I’m a big believer in being able to go with the flow, so if one task just feels like pushing shit up a hill, then doing something else productive makes sense as you’ll waste so much time forcing yourself with something that just isn’t working.

However if you constantly avoid it, then that is procrastination and you need to dig a bit to figure out why that’s happening.

Learn what your top procrastination activities are

Reflect on how you most tend to spend your time when you’re not working on the things you should be working on. Maybe it’s pointless scrolling the internet, doing the laundry, pinning pretty images to Pinterest.

Whatever it might be, once you know what those things are see yourself doing them as a red flag to ask yourself if you’re procrastinating.A lot of us don’t realise that what we are doing is in fact procrastination, especially when it’s still a productive and valuable thing to work on.

I used to procrastinate by designing myself new branding or tweaking my website. Yes, it’s useful work, but when I really ought to have been marketing myself then it’s definitely a form of procrastination!

Figure out if it’s dislike, hard or a limiting belief

Starting to understand why you’re procrastinating is key in reducing it. In my experience it comes down to one (or sometimes all!) of three things.You simply dislike a certain activity.

Perhaps it just doesn’t light you up, you find it boring etcYou find an activity hard. Maybe you haven’t mastered it or you find it takes ages because you’re still learningWith dislike, it’s for you to decide how to handle that activity from now on.

Do you outsource it? If it’s something like exercise you could try a different form until you find something you like.

Figure out what your driver is

If procrastinating is a real problem for you, try deciding on one key ‘driver’ a week. A driver is something that will drive you forward, but you have to make a commitment to getting it done. If you can do it first thing in the week or day that will help make it easier and use less will power.

A driver in business might be writing and posting a blog post, in wellbeing it might be doing a healthy grocery shop (I try and do my grocery shop on a Monday morning for this reason!)

Another element of this is connecting to your big ‘why’. Why is doing these things so important to you? Often having a clear why is enough to drive you forward and stop procrastinating.

Also remind yourself of the results – what result will you get by pushing through and getting that shit done?