These are easy to follow and not only give your skin a better look, but also health and cleanliness, which are reflected in a person who is well and therefore feels good.

Hydrate your skin

We may think that a greasy complexion is not suitable for a moisturizer, but this is a serious mistake. We must keep the pores hydrated with a special cream for your skin type and without artificial or additional fats. Free oily creams are ideal because they not only hydrate but also refresh you.

Use sunscreen

This product not only prevents the presence of fat, but also prevents blemishes and delays skin aging. The sun “uses” oily skin to leave marks if it is burnt too much.

Exfoliation for your skin

There are natural products that do not irritate the dermis. There are also chemicals that help keep pores closed and with proper moistening. A peeling on the face helps to remove accumulated impurities and dirt residues. It is recommended to do it at least once and at most three times a week.

Use oil-free makeup

In fact, it is much better if you can live a life without a foundation, but if you choose to use it, it is better to look for a special product without oil for oily skin. These visibly control the production of facial fat and maintain an opaque effect for most of the day. If you notice that fat appears during the day, do not touch it up with more makeup. Carefully remove the shine with a tissue or use translucent powder to color and seal the makeup.

Drink water

Try to hydrate your body. Do not stop drinking water all day, because when the body has enough liquid, the fat that the skin produces releases a natural glow, not an excess.

Wash your face with mild soap

Don’t use the same soap you use to wash your body. Buy a special product against acne and shine or choose a neutral bar. These are free of oil, perfumes and dyes, which have an irritating effect and cause fat and shine. Dry with a special towel.

Change the pillowcases

Do it at least every week and try to do it in cotton. They prevent bacteria from staying in one place for a long time and multiplying. They give a break to the face and prevent acne.

Don’t touch your face all day

Avoid touching your face as much as possible. If you want to do this, try washing your hands first. Sometimes it is very easy to remove excess fat with the palms of your hands or fingers, but in this way the bacteria spread only on the face.