If you want to be the best you can be, it is important to start with openness and availability, objectively and introspectively ready, ready and able to control you, from the neck up! Part of this process must consist of taking time and proactively evaluating what you think is your true worth.

This must include the real value, your real values and what you think they are and the direction of those values. With this in mind, this article seeks to briefly review and use the mnemonic approach to discuss what it means and what it is and why it matters.

1. visions; values; precious; confirm; vitality; Virtue: examine and consider your true visions closely and why you have them and if they are useful and realistic! How do your personal values correspond to your overall health and well-being? What is the most precious for you and why? Do you feel the need to confirm your actions or do you have the level of confidence to really believe in yourself? Which of your virtues increases your personal vitality and maximizes your strengths? How do you feel about it?

2. posture; Fitness; compliance; actions; Evaluation: do you think you can or are you constantly asking questions? Will you continue with a well thought out and positive attitude, skill and development and develop the skills and abilities necessary to maximize your chances? How much attention to detail will you pay? Will you have the strength and inner strength to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses objectively and clearly?

3. Listen; Learn: It is important to listen effectively and learn from every conversation and experience to gain wisdom, judgment and better understanding! To evaluate and understand your true value, you must act accordingly!

4. understanding; pushing; useful: seek a better personal understanding and align your impulses to increase your perceived and effective value! How can you determine the most useful way to track them down and catch them?

5. evaluate; to estimate; enrich; excellence; ENDURANCE; Efforts: take your time and try to objectively evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and what really motivates and inspires you! Appreciate your needs and requirements and think about how you can best enrich your value! Avoid being content with the good – enough, but always expect the highest level of personal excellence! Recognize the good things, often take your time, then continue with perseverance to bring your best efforts!

Are you considering your self-value and its relationship with your potential health and happiness? Will you constantly have the discipline and commitment to serve your best interests?