Five (5) Things I Wish I Had Known Sooner In Life

You will fall in love many times throughout your life. Don’t worry or rush things.
I live most of my youthful life craving for someone to love and to love me back. This makes me force myself in so many occasions to approach someone I have no feelings or whatsoever for but the good thing with this was that it makes me overcome my fear of talking to strangers so, silver lining. I lived this life throughout my year in the university. In my final year (the fifth year), guess what happened! There was a girl that has been admiring me since our second year in the university which I don’t even notice because I was busy looking up to those I can’t have. Fortunately, she needed my help to help her finished up her final year thesis. She approached me about it and I was glad to help her with it. She started giving me signs but has a guy that has no prior knowledge about being in a relationship, I couldn’t catch those signals but mostly because I couldn’t sense any of her pheromones directed towards me. But as we are approaching the end of the semester which is also our last semester in school, I realize what she wants and decided to give her my attention. She was happy and started telling me things she loved about ever since our second year at the University, I was shocked and at the same time happy. Since all this while, I have been the one worrying about who will love me not knowing that someone already had a crush on me. She loved everything about me including what I don’t like about myself, huh!!! With all these, my feelings for her automatically skyrocket. We date happily for a couple of year until long-distance put us apart, by the way, long distance is a b*tch.

The sexual attraction is key to start a healthy relationship

things I wish I had known

With major restriction being physical in a new relationship, it is very important for you to know when to say yes to it and also when to say no. The most important thing is you shouldn’t be afraid of your preferences. 

Parents give advice from their perspective.

parents advice

The advice coming from our parents is one generation older and we should always keep it in mind when making any life choices including career choice.

Fake it till you make it.

fake it till you make it

I actually like this because it works. This means that you pretend you are familiar with something that is generally new to you to become part of you.

Being afraid of people you talk to.


In order to not be afraid of people, look them directly in the eyes and speak with your calm voice. This gives you control over your emotions, makes you relax and brings out confidence. 

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