Types of the so-called foods we eat

Most of the processed foods are not actually real foods. Real food lives and will spoil. Processed foods may contain some “real food” ingredients. However, these products have been transformed to have a profitable shelf life, which eventually transforms them from live food into dead food. Dead food can stay on a shelf for a long time.

  • Addictive food

Many manufacturers add addictive chemicals to their processed foods to cause food cravings and make us consume their product more often. this will increase your profits. I read about the hallucinogenic effects of MSG years ago that lead us to crave food full of MSG. These chemicals get lost in the huge list of ingredients. Many times people eat food and ignore the dangers. Usually they don’t want or don’t have time to examine all the ingredients. They are driven by their appetite and desire, because the last time they ate food, they had a lot of fun. But as we know, that doesn’t mean something was safe just because it was fun.

  • Reinforced and enriched food

Reinforced and fortified foods usually come from real foods, but the healthiest part is removed. Or deliberately removed or destroyed during the processing phase. This is done to give the product a long and profitable shelf life. Unfortunately, the part that spoils is the part that offers the greatest health benefits. Adding vitamins, minerals and synthetic fibers to the product cannot compensate for the loss of natural nutrients. The product just looks better. This also reduces real food to artificial food – dead food.

Here’s an interesting fact about fortified foods. If the manufacturer does not complete step 2 by injecting artificial food back into the item, it cannot be sold in a grocery store. A pharmacist told me years ago that selling such products in a grocery store is illegal because it’s not really food! Without being “enriched” with artificial nutrients, it could only be sold in a pharmacy. Remember that our body lives and needs food to survive!

  • Real food

Real food is grown from the earth. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, lentils, seeds and nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals, natural medicines (phytochemicals) and energy. and they are alive and full of extraordinary components that keep us alive and healthy. You can never go wrong when choosing food. Living food has the right amount of fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals that combine perfectly to work together synergistically. Live food contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats tailored to your body’s needs, as well as herbal medicines that fight insects and the daily chemicals of life. With live food, there is no need to count carbohydrates, omit fat or duplicate protein. The work has already been done for us. It was created to perfectly meet the needs of our body. Eating real food is like putting a square stick in a square hole.

Living food tastes good too! When you remove artificial food sources from your diet, your taste buds begin to detoxify and return to normal sensitivity. When this happens, you will find that artificial food tastes artificial and real food tastes wonderful!

Every day we face tempting and unhealthy decisions. Decide today to be active for your health and the health of your family. Here are some tips to get started:

1. Use your precious time to examine real food, not fake food.

2. Browse the ingredient lists to find real foods.

3. Choose foods from 90% to 100% real.

4. Put the dead food back on the shelf. Don’t spend your hard earned money on something dead.

5. Plan ahead and prepare your meals.

6. If you invest some time now, you will save a huge amount of time, money and pain later on.

7. Don’t expect to always do it right. Just try to do it right rather than wrong more often.

8. It’s not about perfection, it’s about resistance!

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