So often we eat without thinking. We put food in our mouths while we work on the computer, watch TV or are on the run. Become aware of what you eat by slowing down and fully experiencing all the elements of eating. Take some time to explore the following points and notice the difference during your next meal.

View: look at your food and appreciate the colors and placement on your plate. Imagine how it grew to get there and how much care it took to be here to feed you.

Odor: brings food to the nose. Suitable for its aroma. Describe it in words.

Physiological response: Before food enters the mouth, note that saliva is generated in the mouth. There is a mind / body phenomenon about how the senses respond to the expectation that food will be eaten.

Touch: touch your lips with a fork and feel the sensations. Let your tongue take food.

Taste: after realizing the food in your mouth, you start biting very slowly. So start chewing. Note the automatic way in which the tongue decides which side of the mouth it chews on. Pay close attention to your mouth and take a few bites. Stop learning what’s going on. Verbalize the explosion of taste you feel. Is it sweet or sour or juicy? There are hundreds of words to describe the tasting experience.

Consistency: as you continue to chew, the taste and texture change. At some point you notice the consistency of the food, as the taste has largely passed. If the plot dislikes you, you may want to swallow it, but try to keep it in your mouth.

Swallowing: Stay with impatience and the innate urge to swallow. Do not ingest until the urge to do so is recognized. After swallowing, imagine that the bite goes into your stomach, feel your whole body and admit that your body now has exactly one more bite of food.

Breath: then, take a break or two and try the breath. Bring in the breath the same attention you gave to seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting food.

Silence: shut up. At this point you were meditating on this bite. Add more awareness to all aspects of your life. Look, be present and life will be more alive.