I present some of my most useful insights for success in any big, scary pursuit, whether it’s building a body, a business or a life that you love:

#1 – Own your expertise and stop waiting for validation from others.

During one of his talks, Jade said, “Don’t wait for other people to tell you are an expert. They won’t. It’s up to you to simply decide you are.”
This was really powerful for me because often we second-guess ourselves and look around for affirmation that we are doing a good job.
Your expertise doesn’t need to be from a book, degree or certification. It can come from your personal experience, clinical hours, results you’ve achieved for yourself and others. Stop questioning and start owning it.

#2 – Know what you do and do what you do best.

No one can do what you do. Why? Because you are you. And there is plenty of room for everyone to make a unique dent in this world.
Stop worrying about how you’re being received or how things look to others (I gave this up years ago.

The more real, transparent and open you are, the more people relate to you, and the more comfortable they will feel sharing with you. Perfection is a myth, so stop trying to be perfect. Being you, without considerations, is so much easier, and better for your success in business or life.

#3 – Take 100% responsibility. For everything.

One of my favorite mantras is #RadicalResponsibility. Take ownership for everything–your thoughts, your actions and all the outcomes from those thoughts and actions. EVEN taking responsibility for other people’s actions insofar as they affect you.

You cannot control what other people do or say, but you can control how you react to them.

When you take 100% responsibility for every single situation you find yourself in–whether it was your fault or someone else’s–you learn that there is a lesson in everything. It also gives you ultimate power, because you can ALWAYS control your attitude.
Success follows happiness–not the other way around. So, start by feeding your own happiness and not allowing those around you to take it from you.

#4 – Practice generosity.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The more you give, the more you get.” This is incredibly true as it applies to business, personal relationships and self-fulfillment.

Generosity is THE key to abundance.

Show gratitude, genuinely praise others and share whatever you have without reservation. When you give someone else praise, it doesn’t take away from your own contributions or lessen you.
Never miss a chance to give praise, show appreciation or gratitude. It will all come back to you more than you could imagine.

#5 – Instead of running from obstacles, lean into them.

By leaning into struggles, we learn how to fail. And in failure, we are presented with an opportunity to learn & get better. I love this quote from Tal Ben-Shahar  “Learn to fail, or fail to learn”–so powerful.

When you see obstacles as opportunities to ultimately succeed, they become a lot more friendly.

Obstacles also shrink in significance when confronted. When we practice avoidance, obstacles seem huge. But when we look them square in the face, they seems more manageable.

#6 – It takes just as much effort to think small as it does to THINK BIG.

You have to think anyway, so why not think big? As humans, we tend to think “small” because one of the key needs of the human brain is security, or certainty.
We don’t like the unknown and we like control. When we operate in our comfort zone, we know what to expect–we can expect to get the same old thing we always get. When we think BIG, we are ultimately taking a risk, but the payout is infinitely greater.
Big thinkers are dreamers in the sense that they believe anything is possible. And they are not slaves to the mundane. They allow small, petty matters to roll off them because they understand the big picture–they have perspective. They are not “busy,” they are productive (big difference). They are open-minded and optimistic. They are possibility thinkers–and think, why NOT me? And its because of that vision of possibility that they ultimately make shit happen.

#7 – Invest in yourself.

With actual money. I think we all understand the idea of investing time in something we want, but how comfortable are you with coughing up the green stuff?
Invest in your brain, invest in YOU. There’s nothing better.

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