5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

Reason #1, Stop being afraid of “looking like a man”
Women won’t get as bulky as man, because of physiological reasons. First of all, they have approx. 10 times less testosterone than males…. So if a woman trains as much as a man, has the same age, same training experience, same background: she will not have as much muscle mass. Ever. Point. Also, it is proven that females have 40% less nuclei per muscle fiber than man. This makes them less prone to hypertrophy than males. When you see some female bodybuilders showing off their high muscle definition and being quite bulky, you have to know that behind this image, there is a whole life spending working out, assessing every single meal in details, sleep, and most probably quite a few supplements as well…. This is not something easy to become for females and it is hard work and no-excuses commitment.

Reason #2, Burn more fat
By lifting weight, you will get stronger and your metabolism will speed up. As a result, your body composition changes, reducing your body fat percentage and increasing your lean mass. Don’t judge it by the scales, judge it by your clothes and inches. Muscles are way heavier than fat, so you might as well become heavier but drop a few clothes sizes all at the same time….!

Reason #3, Improve your mood
Research shows that your body releases endorphins when you work out, especially after a strength session. These endorphins help fight depression. You just feel better, happier and more energised.

Reason #4, Improve your posture and decrease your risk of injury
When you get stronger and you follow an appropriate program, you improve your flexibility and your core strength first. This helps you develop strength in an injury-free environment. Most people today have bad postures, and this makes them prone to lots of injuries. Therefore, by following personalized programs, they correct their posture and build strength, decreasing their risk of injury.

Reason #5, Strengthen your bones by increasing bone density
It has been proven that lifting weight actually increases bone density. This is highly important, especially for females who tend to suffer more than men of osteoporosis. Lifting weight improves life quality and helps you age better.

Those are the 5 reasons why women should definitely stop doing so much cardio and integrate some weight sessions in their work out routine. What I would like to point out though, is the importance of a comprehensive, personalized program. Each individual is different and will need a different program, updated at his own rhythm. There is no such thing as “common work out program” for everyone. Also, by lifting weights, we are talking about FREE WEIGHTS here. Avoid those machines where you are just sitting and isolating one muscle group.

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