4 Life Hacks That Will Help You Get Rid of Your Tiredness

Lack of sleep can stem from stress, anxiety and looking at too many phone and computer screens, especially if you do so right before bed.

But there may be some other sneaky reasons other than high stress and lack of sleep, that could be causing your depleted energy levels and some simple solutions.

Naturally tip #1: Cut sugary and processed foods

Diet clearly has a major impact on our metabolic process, both in terms of the types of macronutrients and food we eat but also the amount of time we take to eat.

Nowadays, we are fully aware that diets high in sugar, caffeine and overly processed foods play havoc with our blood sugar levels and this leads to a drop in our energy levels that cause you to feel irritable in the short-term and exhausted over time.

Not just that, we are also super busy, so we rush our meals, or eat at crazy o’clock in the evening after getting home late from work.

There are many reasons other than simply being busy that lead us to eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods, including culture, lifestyle, access to cheap, poor quality food and addictions to substances such as coffee and sugar.

Choices of drink are also important to look out for. Many hidden sugars, artificial sweeteners and stimulants are found in fizzy and some energy drinks.

As well as choosing the right foods, be aware of how quickly you are eating and where you are eating. Be a ‘mindful eater’, enjoy your food, don’t rush it.

Also, try not to eat at your desk, by moving away from your desk you will be reducing environmental stressors and therefore reducing the impact stress could have on your metabolic process.

Naturally tip #2: take magnesium

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the primary fuel our bodies use, it’s actually the energy carrier in all living organisms on earth and magnesium is essential in the production of ATP.

Low energy levels and fatigue have been linked to low magnesium levels within the body because magnesium is needed for the body to produce ATP.

The body can use magnesium for over 300 reactions that regulate blood pressure, muscle contraction and energy production – to name just a few.

Moreover, diets that include an excess of processed foods and bad fats such as those found in takeaways, donuts and commercial vegetable oils, as well as refined sugars, can all decrease our magnesium levels.

Naturally tip #3: Get enough iron

Iron is another essential mineral that is needed to help fight fatigue and boost energy. The major reason we need iron is that it helps to transport oxygen throughout our bodies, and without sufficient oxygen in the body, you’re going to experience tiredness and fatigue.

In order for oxygen to be transported through our body, we also need healthy red blood cells (RBCs). About 70 percent of the body’s iron is found in the RBCs, and without healthy red blood cells, your body can’t get enough oxygen.

This can affect everything from your brain function to your immune system’s ability to fight off infections. Plus, too little iron in the body deprives the tissues of energy, leaving you exhausted as your body tries to take energy from wherever it can.

In fact, according to the NHS, shortness of breath, along with pale skin, tiredness and heart palpitations are among the most common symptoms of iron deficiency.

Dried fruits, such as prunes and raisins are also high in iron, as well as beans, legumes and egg yolks. Vegan sources of iron include lentils, beans, nuts, seeds and chickpeas.

Naturally tip #4: eat vitamin B-rich food

B vitamins are important for energy production and hormone production as well as for supporting the nervous system – especially when you’re stressed. They’re also required for the release of energy from food.

B vitamins are also necessary for the circulatory and immune systems and help to maintain the health of our skin, hair and eyes. So they are pretty important wouldn’t you say?

Sources of B vitamins include, broccoli, avocados, lentils, almonds, eggs, cheese and seeds are all good sources.

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